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Client Testimonials

"I am self-employed, healthy and had a traditional copay plan with a major company. Mr. Perritt was able to explain how an HSA plan worked and I was able to get the coverage I was happy with. I saved over $160 a month plus put some of the difference in a tax-sheltered account and get a tax deduction" Sharon

"I was able to get a better term rate through Mr. Perritt than with several other agents I got quotes from." John

"I was able to get advice on college savings accounts for our children." Ashleigh

"I (Kyle) was starting a new job and we are a young couple and the group plan offered seemed high so we called Mr. Perritt. He got quotes from several companies. He said that he could save us some money and he gave us the quotes, however, he suggested that even though the group rate was higher than we gained several advantages that were worth the difference and to take the group instead of what he offered. We appreciated his honesty. He wished us well and asked us to check back if he could help in the future." Kyle and Amy